QPFQuantitative Precipitation Forecast (National Weather Service)
QPFQt Prerendered Font (computing)
QPFQuote Preparation Fee
QPFQuantitative Perfusion Fluorometry (blood flow distribution)
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Moving toward cloud-resolving grid spacing for QPF results, the RIBS model has then been forced by 10 different members of the Meso-NH ensemble at 500-m grid spacing (Fig.
The QPF clearly performs poorly, while Algorithm 2 performs close to Algorithm 1 gradually.
has two QPF cells producing liftgates for the Malibu Maxx at its New Hudson, MI facility.
From our slow-time perspective, the electron seems smeared out to fill in the (real) probability form of the (complex) QPF 1s orbital.
The impact of assimilating the WPR data on the 0-12-h QPF in southern China during May 2014 was evaluated by comparing the forecasts from two monthly continuous experiments: one with the WPR data assimilated (WPR_DA) and the other without it (no_WPR_DA).
2013), system duration, and QPF, in particular during the night in the PECAN region, even over short forecast periods (Pinto et al.
Clearly, the forecast skill can be extended by using good QPF to drive the model.