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QPIDQueen's Project on International Development (Queen`s University, Kingston student run project)
QPIDQuality, Prevalence and Indicator Database (UK)
QPIDQwest Protected Internet Delivery (data transport interface)
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29 February 2016 - US-based medical benefits management eviCore healthcare, has acquired Boston-based healthcare IT company QPID Health, the company said.
Examples for JMS-compatible broker implementations are OpenAMQ [20], JORAM [21], WSO2 Message Broker [22], SwiftMQ [23], Apache Qpid [24], and Red Hat Enterprise MRG [25].
Now that we have added Qpid Proton to our ldcache, we are able to build the sample C project which relies on Proton:
A solution provider at the marcus evans National Healthcare CMO/CMIO Summit 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia, March 9-10, Doyle discusses how QPID Health's customer Partners HealthCare achieves the highest possible rates of appropriate use and aligns with payers to waive prior authorization.
Users of the QPid solution have access to a nationwide database of healthcare providers.
Agreeing access policy in a general medical practice: a case study using QPID.
QPID Health CEO Mike Doyle commented We are seeing high demand for the QPID solution because it provides a truly clinician-friendly interface that is built on the rich data in EHRs but is presented in a way that makes sense to users and eliminates the noise.
Social network Qpid is relying on SWSW as a way to get users to share their sexual health status to help keep it safe in the bedroom.
NEW YORK, NY, Feb 9, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Many healthcare organizations have not seen a return on their costly investment in Electronic Health Records (EHR), according to Mike Doyle, President & Chief Executive Officer, QPID Health, Inc.