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QPOQuasi-periodic Oscillation
QPOQua Patet Orbis (Märsta, Sweden)
QPOQualifying Public Offering (stocks)
QPOQuai à Pondéreux Ouest (French)
QPOQueensland Pops Orchestra (Australia)
QPOQuantity per Occasion (alcohol intake)
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Through these databases, we aim provide the best educational entertainment to the public in Qatar, and this collaboration with QPO helps to further enhance our members' experience.
In disputes arising after the compliance date of April 14, 2003, PHI may be disclosed by a covered health care provider entity by individual authorization, legally reasonable efforts to contact the individual (whether successful or not), or an effort to get individual authorization, court order, or issuance of a QPO to shield the records upon joint motion of the parties or motion of one of the parties or the covered entity.
Lamb maintains that the separation in frequency between each of the new sidebands and its neighboring QPO is too great for it to represent frame dragging.
We are utilizing this expertise to provide COPC QPO services, an exciting and robust quality program and infrastructure critical to achieving and sustaining world-class quality, high performance and continuous improvement.
Astronomers hope that with the right QPO theory, they could determine both the hole's mass and spin from these beating X-ray signatures, says Alexander Tchekhovskoy (Princeton University), who was not involved with the study.
According to the researchers, the lower-frequency QPO is generated when radiation emitted by the rotating neutron star strikes the orbiting blobs of gas.
Using ESAs orbiting X-ray observatory, XMM-Newton, along with NASA's NuSTAR X-ray observatory, Dr Altamirano and colleagues from Amsterdam, Cambridge, Durham and Tokyo watched the QPO of black hole H 1743-322.
WEEK THREE (September 30, October 1, 2) Qualifying semi-final one between the highest ranked QPO winner and the Clubcall selected club (winner through to Grand Final, loser eliminated).
Piro (University of California, Santa Barbara) says that these QPO discoveries are an important first step in the new field of magnetar seismology.
According to a QPO official, the concert is fully sold out.
The QPO is also a member of QF and flutist Aleksandr Haskin, along with an ensemble of string players, will perform a variety of music including tangos, flute showpieces and Michel Legrand's exquisite song 'You Must Believe in Spring' at QNL's special events area on February 15.
Ingram and colleagues from Amsterdam, Cambridge, Southampton and Tokyo applied for a long-duration observation that would allow them to watch the QPO repeatedly.