QPQQuid Pro Quo (Latin: This for That)
QPQQuench Polish Quench (metal heat treating process)
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Blacknitride+ is a QPQ steel hardening process tested for superior corrosion resistance, lower coefficient of friction, and increase lubricity.
GRIP Blackhawk FINISH Matte black hard-coat anodized receiver; Melonite QPQ barrel SIGHTS None TRIGGER 3.5-lb.
The Patrol gets a 16.125-inch barrel with 5R rifling, a 1:8-inch twist, a Wylde chamber and a Melonite QPQ hardened finish.
Keeping in mind the highly competitive market needs and the more and more arduous requirements of industrial development in an often difficult economic environment, Pozzi Leopoldo fulfills the demanding expectations with a complete series of integrated automatic dosing and distribution equipment, compatible with any existing concentrator software: DOSATEX (for large-volume liquid chemical dispensing), MINIDOSATEX AND QpQ (for small and micro-volume liquid chemical dispensing), SOLVITEX (for automatic powder dye dissolution and dispensing), P-TEX (for precision powder dyestuff dispensing), SALTEX (for automatic multi-salt dispensing), BRINETEX (for automatic salt brine dispensing).
Looking around the cannabis factory, which displays the signs QPQ Solutions above its doors, it was easy to see why police described it as "professional".
where: subscripts i and j denote sector and country, FDIQ is the share of foreign firms in domestic production, QPQ is the share of the domestic sectoral production purchased by the government, VIV is the share of sectoral public procurement over total government purchases, and PSI is the production specialization index (Balassa 1965).
The P99 Military model is available in 9mm or .40 S&W andi the P99 QPQ is also 9mm or .40 S&W.
* Quid Pro Quo Plus http://www.socialeng.com/html/ qpq.html
(1.2) implies (1.1): First note PQP = QPQ implies PQP = PQPQ (PQ) [2] so (PQP) [2] = PQPPQP = PQPQP = [(PQ).sup.2]P = PQPP = PQP.
QPQ Process salt bath treatment, used as an adjunct to Nu-Tride Process, improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of ferrous metals.