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QPSQueensland Police Service (Australia)
QPSQuark Publishing System
QPSQuick Payment Service (MasterCard)
QPSQuantitative Perfusion Spect
QPSQuality Positioning Services BV (Netherlands)
QPSQuantum Positioning System
QPSQuebec Polar Squad (gaming clan)
QPSQuantum Performance Solutions
QPSQuality Process Sheet
QPSQueenstown Primary School (Singapore)
QPSQuinte Paralegal Services (Ontario, Canada)
QPSQualimetrics Power Supply
QPSQifa Primary School (Singapore)
QPSQiaonan Primary School (Singapore)
QPSQihua Primary School (Singapore)
QPSQueuing Priority Scheme
QPSQueries per Second (computer science)
QPSQuality Public School
QPSQuadrature Power Splitter (telecommunications)
QPSQueensland Public Sector (Australia)
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Established in 1995, QPS delivers best-in-class contract research and testing through their regional laboratories and testing facilities throughout the USA, Europe, India, and Taiwan.
The QPS is working closely with the new Safe Night Out precinct boards to deliver better services to establishments and their patrons while ensuring safe streets.
A spokesman for the regulatory body said: "Concerns have been raised about the activities of QPS, its relationship with and activities at a GP practice in Cardiff.
Aptly named Y[pounds sterling]Simply Beautiful' the exhibition hosted by the QPS showcases an array of images capturing different moments in all its uniqueness.
Ragu Ramanthan in October 2012 to spearhead the QPS Biotransformation group,” said Zamas Lam, PhD, Vice President of Non-Clinical Development.
The research explores questions about work-life balance in a particular QPS agency referred to as the 'case study agency'.
Automation Services, a new standard component of QPS, enables producers of richly-designed communications and technical publications to overcome dependency on programmers and labor-intensive manual tasks, resulting in reduced costs and faster delivery of content across print and digital media.
QPS users who work with InDesign and InCopy can work simultaneously in InDesign layouts and InCopy articles, create revisions and push updates back and forth between InDesign and InCopy.
From this location, QPS Die Cutters & Finishers is able to retain a large portion of their labor force--a factor that was important to the company in searching for relocation space, and we are pleased to have been able to help fulfill their requirements," said Kossar.
With neoDVDstandard, QPS customers worldwide now have a complete camcorder to disc solution that makes DVD burning as easy to do as recording an audio cassette.
QPS says it will soon announce a partnership with a hardware and internet service provider, in a move which will open up the market to medium-sized organizations.
Solon has been serving as the Director of Autoradiography for QPS since 2002.