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QPSKQuadrature Phase-Shift Keying
QPSKQuadrature Phase Shift Keying
QPSKQuaternary Phase Shift Keying (transmission encoding)
QPSKQuadriphase Shift Key
QPSKQuadrative Phase-Shift Keying
QPSKQuadrs Phase Shift Key
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The QPSK EVM measurement can also be used by the system integrator to troubleshoot the design when other measurements are failing.
By maintaining only first two terms in (7) and (8) for BPSK and QPSK detection, respectively, and using (9), one can get simple expressions, which lead to infinitive series-form evaluation of BER performance for wide range of propagation scenarios.
Figure 9 depicts the entire QPSK and 16-QAM constellations in the complex plane, where the labels i and q stand for the real and imaginary axes, respectively.
Next, our proposed the FD of linear characteristic, MLFE based on phase domain, and the overall design of our QPSK ADCOL are described in Section 3.
Chun, "BPSK, QPSK, 8-PSK Demodulator for FPGA 5 pages," http://www.innovative-dsp.com/support/datasheets/IPPSK_DEMOD4.pdf.
On the contrary, QPSK is another form of PSK which is widely used in wireless communication that uses four points on the constellation diagram, equispaced around a circle.
Pirminiai parametrai: RSCP--priimto signalo kodo galia; Ec/No--lusto gautos energijos santykis su galios tankiu visoje dazniu juostoje; SIR--signalo/ interferencijos santykis, nusako signalo galios santyki su triuksmo galia kanale; CQI--kanalo kokybes rodiklis; moduliacijos 16-QAM, QPSK. Duomenims perduoti naudojami kodai.
In Figures 5 and 6 the bit error rate performance using QPSK modulation, for the cases of 2- and 4-symbol overlapping, respectively, is shown.
Color Modulation DL Throughput (Mbps) CINR (dB) RSSI (dBm) Red QPSK 2.03 9.18 -82.71 Green 16 QAM 3.27 11.32 -73.95 Blue 64 QAM 3.91 23.65 -51.26 Table 4.
Section 5 determines the error probability of six-port receiver from EVM when a QPSK modulation is used.