QPSK-OFDMQuadrature Phase Shift Keying-Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing
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Figure 5 shows the influence of different numbers of subblocks V on PAPR performance for a QPSK-OFDM system and 104 randomly OFDM symbols using the dynamic search fireworks algorithm, which is characterized by a good simulation runtime without losing optimization accuracy.
Modulation QPSK-OFDM Sampling frequency (kHz) 200 Center frequency (kHz) 45 Frequency band (kHz) 30 to 60 FFT size 1024 FFT length (ms) 34.1 GI length (ms) 4.3 Number of data subcarriers 512 Number of pilot subcarriers 512 OFDM frame length (ms) 38.4 Frequency domain oversampling factor 1, 2 FEC (coding rate) Convolutional coding (3/4) Channel model AWGN CNR 30 dB Table 2: EVM results for various Doppler shift patterns and resampling ratios.
Modulation QPSK-OFDM Sampling frequency [kHz] 200 Center frequency [kHz] 50 Frequency band [kHz] 40 to 60 FFT size 1024 Number of data subcarriers 1024 OFDM symbol length [ms] 51.2 GI [ms] 12.8 Number of OFDM symbols 10 Number of training OFDM 2 symbols z OFDM frame length [ms] 768 OFDM frame data size [bytes] 1280 FEC Convolutional coding & Viterbi decoding Coding rate 0.5 Number of antennas 1 (TX)/4 (RX) Number of OFDM rake fingers 64 Timing synchronization Perfect Number of evaluated OFDM inn frames 100