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QRNGQuinolone-Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
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By 2004, QRNG was established in the United States, and it appeared reasonable to combine all out-of-state travel (both outside and within the United States) into the category of potential nonlocal acquisition.
A common explanation for the rise in QRNG is repeated importation (9,19); some evidence that importation played a role in the initial growth of resistance in the United Kingdom can be seen in data from the Gonococcal Resistance to Antimicrobials Surveillance Programme (20).
Preliminary data from the first half of 2006 indicate that the QRNG prevalence was 38.
At an STD prevention conference in March, a CDC official admitted the agency does not know just how widespread the problem of QRNG is because only 29 cities participate in GISP.
But when data from GISP indicated that the occurrence of QRNG among MSM had increased from 1.
The prevalence of QRNG in women is increasing but is generally lower than in men who have sex with men [MSM]," Dr.
The lack of data regarding women and QRNG concerns the CDC, Dr.
Basically, QRNG threatens the physician's ability to treat with an oral agent.
Sporadic reports of QRNG in the United States at that time were usually associated with travel to Asia.
GISP data for 2003 showed resistant isolates from Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, and Kansas, with a significant increase in QRNG in Seattle, New York City, Massachusetts, California, and Michigan, and smaller increases in Phoenix, Minneapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Portland (1).