QRPSQuick Reaction Procurement System
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However, for amounts rolled over or directly transferred from other employer-provided qualified retirement plans (QRP) that already had an unlimited bankruptcy exemption (i.e.profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, SEP plans), there is a 100 percent exclusion from the bankruptcy estate.
When researchers deviate from these accepted norms or ethical codes, they are considered to be engaging in QRPs (Steneck, 2003) or, more seriously, research misconduct (HHS, Office of Research Integrity, 2000).
The field of counseling is not exempt from QRPs and research misconduct, and rates of deviant behavior seem to fit within, or below, Steneck's (2003) suggested range.
It is probably safe to assume that even less has been done to acknowledge or address research misconduct or QRPs in the counseling field.
Not only is there a lack of literature that focuses on research integrity in the counseling profession but there is also a scarcity of empirical research that examines research misconduct or QRPs in counseling.
Because QRPs are subject to both estate and income tax at death when the spouse is not beneficiary, paying for life insurance on a pretax basis can significantly enhance the amount available for heirs.
Many assets do not pass under a will, including items disposed of pursuant to beneficiary designations, such as individual and group life insurance policies, IRAs, and all qualified retirement plans (QRP).
The new RMD rules are proposed to be effective for distributions from QRPs for calendar years beginning after 2001.
Under the new law, QRPs are exempt from the Income and Business Tax Act and from "the payment of all taxes and levies on all income or receipts which accrue from a source outside of Belize, whether that income is generated from work performed or from an investment."
Although research misconduct and QRPs of counseling professionals have not been reported publicly or been listed on the ORI's misconduct cases Web page (ORI, 2006), it is possible that irresponsible conduct of research exists.
But in contrast to those of Stokes, BSB's conclusions about the proportions of QRP studies in their models were also influenced by their judgments of whether QRPs were committed in the individual experiments in the database.
Uncorrected multiple analyses is the one "questionable research practice" (QRP) to be found, to some degree, in nearly every published study.