QRRAutomatic Operation (radiotelegraphy)
QRRQualified Rehabilitation Representative
QRRQuarterly Requisition Report
QRRQuality Readiness Review
QRRQuick Response Recovery (software)
QRRQualitative Research Requirement for Nuclear Weapons Effects Information
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The Quarterly Accounts Receivable Report Project, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (QRR) Project Team designed and implemented the first standard Department of Defense receivables report tool that manages over $17 billion in DoD receivables.
* Co-packaged with a soft recovery low Qrr diode, optimized for ultra-fast switching.
Therefore, critical parameters of power MOSFETs such as Qrr, and reverse recovery dv/dt directly affect the dynamic performance of resonant converters.
DUTs Rds(on) BVDss ID Qg Trr Qrr Max (V) (A) (nC) (ns) ([mu]C) (omega) UniFET [TM] II 0.85 500 8 18 160 1.2 MOSFET Family Competitor A 0.85 500 7.2 32 238 2.5 Competitor B 0.70 500 8 45 1200 10 The Latest MOSFET Technology
The body diode losses are a function of its forward voltage and reverse recovery (Qrr).