QRRAutomatic Operation (radiotelegraphy)
QRRQualified Rehabilitation Representative
QRRQuarterly Requisition Report
QRRQuality Readiness Review
QRRQuick Response Recovery (software)
QRRQualitative Research Requirement for Nuclear Weapons Effects Information
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Zanon e Teixeira (2006) replicaram os achados de Trapnell e Campbell (1999) e Teasdale e Green (2004) fazendo uso do QRR adaptado para universitarios brasileiros.
The QRR flows to ground through other devices in the system and the energy is wasted as heat, reducing efficiency and possibly raising the temperature of costly associated components, such as MOSFETs.
The H Series has the lowest forward drop (VF) and QRR, providing the highest efficiency.
The low QRR of DIOFETs integrated schottky and softer reverse recovery characteristics further contribute toward minimizing body diode switching losses.
Ultra-Low QRR Silicon Rectifiers Enable Power Supply Manufacturers to Meet Stringent Performance and Cost Requirements