QRRAutomatic Operation (radiotelegraphy)
QRRQualified Rehabilitation Representative
QRRQuarterly Requisition Report
QRRQuality Readiness Review
QRRQuick Response Recovery (software)
QRRQualitative Research Requirement for Nuclear Weapons Effects Information
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VRS enables QRR to move this service to a more digital approach and deliver the geodetic reference system in real-time at greater distances via the mobile phone network.
To meet this need, Intersil has placed greater emphasis on the dynamic characteristics of MOSFET, such as lower gate charge, lower QRR (reverse body diode charge), and faster switching speeds in lieu of the traditional rDS (ON) based measure of performance.
The H Series has the lowest forward drop (VF) and QRR, providing the highest efficiency.
Ultra-Low QRR Silicon Rectifiers Enable Power Supply Manufacturers to Meet Stringent Performance and Cost Requirements