QRSCQualified Rate Stabilization Charge
QRSCQuantum Reverse Shannon Conjecture
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Heart rate correction for QTc intervals and QRSc durations were calculated by Bazett's formula (Ahnve 1985).
To assess the prospective change in QTc and JTc intervals and QRSc duration from the baseline ECG to the follow-up ECG, we conducted repeated measurement analyses with random intercepts using an unstructured covariance matrix to reflect correlation in repeated measurements of an individual subject.
Adjusted 8-year change (95% CI) in QTc interval, QRSc duration, and JTc interval (a) from baseline to follow-up ECG examination, by lead biomarker concentration at baseline, among participants who were free of IVCD, AVCD, and arrhythmia at baseline ECG.
Ansari said that the QRSC is planning to conduct the first robotic pediatric surgery in Qatar within two weeks.
The course on minimally invasive surgery, a technique by which the surgery is performed through small incisions only using laparoscopic simulators, was conducted at QRSC entirely led by local experts and trainers from both HMC and QRSC.
By combining the laparoscopic experience of HMC and advanced technology available at QRSC, we were able to establish this high quality workshop," he added.
The panel has been formed to provide strategic guidance to QRSC and transfer expertise in clinical, educational and scientific development of robotic surgery to Qatar.
The seven members of the panel, all top surgeons and professors, are engaged in long-term collaborations with QRSC.
Worth nearly $2mn the projects are part of a research programme at QRSC which includes six peer-reviewed publications, and 10 projects underway.
Dr Abdulla al-Ansari, clinical director, QRSC, said: "QRSC's research and training activities are aimed at identifying and addressing unmet clinical needs, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of healthcare in Qatar."
We have been trying to do this since last year and we have been training ENT personnel on the procedure," QRSC chairman Dr Abdulla al-Ansari said.
"In QRSC, we are conducting one-to-one training sessions on simulation and we have seen this form of training has accelerated the knowledge of the trainees as well as helped improve quality of doctors and thus boosting healthcare system," Dr al-Ansari said.