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QRTQuick Reaction Team (US DoD)
QRTQuick Reaction Team
QRTQuick Response Team
QRTQuality Report Tool (Cisco)
QRTQuick Response Training
QRTStop Transmitting (used in CW communications)
QRTQuick Reaction Test (US DoD)
QRTQuick Ray Trace
QRTQualimetrics Relay/Telemetry
QRTQuick Reaction Task
QRTQuick Real-Time
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During the yearlong test, the QRT team researched existing (or the lack thereof) sniper doctrine and training methods focusing on the engagement of moving targets.
For the purpose of the JUSI QRT effort, IADS refers to a networked system of adversary capabilities (e.
Following the death of the grantor the QRT becomes a taxable en lit) and must report its income on a fiduciary income tax return rather than the decedent's individual income tax return, and must report its income using a calendar year-end.
When the decedent has both a QRT and a probate estate, the Sec.
This made us take the decision to increase the strength of QRT commandos and equip them better," he said.
QRT-based strategies which are specific to QRT implementation (e.
Our effort is now to ensure the QRT response time is reduced further,'' he added.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 6, 2013-Solar Thin Films closes acquisition of QRT in equity transaction(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The regs state that a QRT is a trust that is treated as owned by the decedent under Sec.
When the election is made, the QRT will be treated and taxed for income tax purposes as if part of the estate (and not as a separate trust).
Three QRT men were killed, as their Gypsy plunged into a gorge during the attack.
On reaching at the site QRT members will take stock of the situation from the Incident Management Team there.