QRUQueensland Rugby Union
QRUQuick Response Unit (emergency service vehicle)
QRUI Have Nothing for You (radiotelegraphy)
QRUQualitative Research Unit (various organizations)
QRUQuery/Retrieve User
QRUQuiescence-Responsive Unit
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Over the past year, the Palaszczuk Governments partnership with the QRU has delivered 29 job placements and transitioned 11 Indigenous Queenslanders into further learning, Mr Furner said.
The extended agreement builds on the Palaszczuk Governments Memorandum of Understanding signed with QRU last July to boost jobs, training, networking and mentoring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
QRU Chief Executive Richard Barker said extending the agreement signalled a shared commitment to ending disadvantage among young Indigenous Queenslanders.
They added that Damascus has trained the QRU forces in street battle and clashes with terrorists to decrease its' dependence on military or security forces for establishing security in cities.
In the meantime, Russia has equipped the QRU forces with the most advanced personal weapons similar to the army that are used by anti-terrorism units in the western states.
is decomposed into Q and R matrices such that [??] = QRU, with U as the column permutation matrix.
Partnering with the QRU will provide more Indigenous Queenslanders with unique opportunities to develop their capabilities, participate in networking occasions and eventually seize new job prospects as emerge into the leaders of tomorrow.
New QRU chairman Robin Thompson was also being cagey when he said: 'Certainly to my knowledge - and bear in mind I haven't been chairman all that long - we haven't approached anybody to take the senior position, yet.