QRWQuarterly Review of Wines
QRWQuasi Random Word
QRWCall Notification (radiotelegraphy)
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Leupold's QRW rings are horizontally split and the top of the ring covers more than half the circumference of the scope.
Doing this removes periodicity from the QRW, which reduces the algebraic complexity of our computations.
Theorem 2.2 (rapid decay beyond J) Consider the quantities [[rho].sub.[xi]0,[xi]] for a general unitary QRW with 0 < c < 1.
The first rigorous proof of this result (in the special case of the Hadamard QRW) appears in [ABN+01, Theorems 1 and 2].
Certain generalizations of Hadamard QRW's to more general unitary QRW's were already introduced in [Kon05].
Then the QRW on [Z.sup.d] with increment v(j) on chirality j, with unitary chirality operator U has generating matrix
Therefore, the behavior of one-dimensional QRW as described in Theorem 2.1 and Theorem 2.2 emerge with almost no work.
We now establish the hypotheses of Theorem 3.2 and apply it to the generating function for QRW Observe first, using the relation (3.3) and the subsequent discussion, that it suffices to prove both Theorem 2.2 and Theorem 2.1 in the real case, U = [U.sub.c], Thus we assume throughout this section that [alpha] = [beta] = [gamma] = 0 and U = [U.sub.c].
Proposition 3.4 For any QRW in any dimension, if (x,y) [member of] V and |[x.sub.j]| = 1 for all j then |y| = 1.