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QSAMQueued Sequential Access Method
QSAMQuasi Steady Acceleration Measurement
QSAMQueer Sports Alliance Melbourne (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
QSAMQuadrature Sideband Amplitude Modulation
QSAMQuantitative Sequence-Activity Model
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QSAM manages Qube Fund, a high-profile quant equity fund that launched last October with around USD800m in funding and which now runs at around USD1bn.
The obtained sequence-activity relationships in the form of quantitative models (QSAM) will allow to assess the contribution of individual AA properties to the overall compositional features of proteins and thus to specify potential targets within enzyme sequences in order to attain a purposeful modification of biocatalysts and, hence, the metabolic fluxes in microorganisms, particularly if there is a need to include or replace (e.g., metabolic engineering, dynamic modelling) any additional enzyme currently not represented in a given metabolic pathway, which is essential for metabolic engineering and synthetic biology.
As a result Aonix has worked at modernizing the offering to produce UltraQuest Reporter for web- enabled S/390 reporting and access to IDMS, Teradata, DB2, IMS, VSAM, QSAM, and Nomad data.
qSam Fox and Mick Fleetwood host a shambolic Brit Awards ceremony.
Specifically, VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method), QSAM (Queued Sequential Access Method) and Database 2 (DB2) data can be accessed -- on demand -- through intranets, extranets or the Internet, without requiring additional IT resources.