QSASQuality Seawater Assurance Scheme (Hong Kong)
QSASQuick Start APU System (KC-135 Stratotanker)
QSASQMW (Queen Mary and Westfield College) Science Analysis System (software; UK)
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Hence, the local system of QSAS expanded to a regional scale and was renamed.
With both Leed and QSAS certifications, the concept and creation of ECQ stands on firm sustainability grounds.
Dr Adel Aldosari of King Fahd University said: "By introducing QSAS in our curriculum, King Fahd University is teaching the engineers and architects of the future to adopt a sustainability ratings assessment system that contributes to preserving the architectural identity of the Gulf region, preserve the natural resources and maintains the economic and environmental balance for the benefit of the region.
QSAS for Cities and Urban Planning was refurbished throughout the latest and up-to-date scientific achievements in the field, that is by extracting the best practices and experiences of all the latest seven newly developed systems in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore and worldwide.
The company says there is now increasing awareness of the importance of Leed, QSAS and Estidama requirements, specifically to improve energy efficiency.
The aim of the session will be to share the experience of professionals in stadia design from across the world and in particular the Mena region; raise awareness of all elements of stadia design from master planning to operation; help delegates fully understand the operation of the stadia and factors needed to be taken into account, during design and construction; provide an understanding of the requirements of QSAS Sports.
BQDRI's development of QSAS focuses on local needs and implements the best practices taking into consideration the region's social, economic, environmental and cultural conditions which are different from other parts of the world.
He has been a LEED-accredited professional since 2008 and secured a QSAS CGP certificate in 2010.
By incorporating QSTec's solar panels and technologies into its buildings, ECQ will meet national building standards such as QSAS and silver and gold LEED certifications; codes designed to encourage organizations to use environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources in buildings.
QSAS standards focus on local and instant requirements and employs the best sustainability methods allowing for region's social, economic, environmental and cultural conditions, which are unique to specific region.
This stage in societal evolution is witnessing the introduction of sustainable measures, whether it be QSAS, or the Qatar National Food Security Programme.
The periodical addresses a number of areas within the built environment sphere inspired by the QSAS initiative, said a senior official.