QSCPQuantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics
QSCPQueensland Shark Control Program (Australia)
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Though Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani was present in the house, Mr Khetran took the floor and informed the house about the government's plan for the QSCP.
The background section provides fundamental knowledge that is used to develop the proposed procedure and is followed by a detailed discussion of the model formulation in QSCP formulation section.
The quadratic set covering problem (QSCP) formulation for a layout design problem[13] can be extended to model accurately the layout design problem with a spine material-handling system configuration.
The following additional notation is needed to represent the QSCP formulation for the optimal spine layout design problem given an AMHS design with shortcuts:
These distances are then incorporated into the QSCP formulation to determine the assignment of departments to bays to minimize the material-handling cost.
In this paper, the QSCP formulation is solved by an embedded non-linear integer-programming solver in a commercial code, LINGO[C][14].