QSEQuality Safety Environment
QSEQuality Software Engineering
QSEQuality System Essential
QSEQuality, Security, Environment
QSEQuarterly Statistical Enquiry (governmental survey; UK)
QSEQatar Stock Exchange
QSEEstimated Drift of Survival Craft (radiotelegraphy)
QSEQualified Scientists and Engineers
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The commemoration of the IWD by QSE expresses our belief in the importance of women's role in supporting sustainable development and economic activity.
QSE was established in 1997 and serves as a platform for investment in economic expansion and high-value projects in key sectors.
The QSE chief said family businesses or more generally private companies are the long-term pipeline for stock exchanges.
For his part, Dean of College of Business & Economics Dr Khalid Shams Al-Abdulqader, thanked QSE for its supportive educational programmes, especially in the fields of research and training, and praised its role in economic diversification and local development.
The areas of cooperation can be cross-listing, raising of long-term capital by Pakistani companies in QSE, development of small and medium enterprise (SMEs) market segment and introduction of derivative products including real estate investment trusts (REITs) and exchange traded funds (ETFs), said KSE statement here on Tuesday.
By promoting synergies between these areas, QSE allows for constant innovation and incorporation of the most advanced technologies in its products," a QSE statement said.
This partnership allows QSE to secure the entire value chain from raw material to smart-grid development and provides a powerful foundation from which QSE will further expand its production capacity to 2.
The agreement puts Qatar in a leadership position in the market given that demand for raw polysilicon will continue to grow as the global need for solar energy increases exponentially in the near future, remarked Salim Abbassi, the chief executive of QSE after signing the agreement with Azat Betekbaev, the chairman of Kazatomprom's solar division.
Al Jolo said: "It is an honour for us at QSE to team up with the prestigious QGBC in pursuit of such a noble cause.
In light of its policy to promote investment knowledge and awareness, QSE has already held several introductory seminars on the margin trading service that allows investors to purchase securities that are partially financed by a brokerage firm licensed to provide margin trading service.
In the past month, MSM, Tadawul, ADX, DFM have all maintained gains, while minimal drops were registered by KSE and QSE.
The QSE will also produce Bifacial modules having capacity to produce additional energy from the back side of the module using reflected sun rays.