QSECQuantum Science and Engineering Center (Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering; Japan)
QSECQuality and Standards Enhancement Committee (Liverpool John Moores University; UK)
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Targeting QseC signaling and virulence for antibiotic development.
de et al., "Targeting QseC signaling and virulence for antibiotic development," Science, vol.
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When adrenaline binds to QseC, it is like toppling the first tile of a complex domino arrangement - it triggers a chain of events that can ultimately result in the production of toxins.
Sperandio's group at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have identified a molecule, called LED209, which stops adrenaline binding to QseC.
Although multiple two-component sensing-and-signaling systems are present in bacterial cells, this is the first time that the response of QseC to norepinephrine has been characterized in S.
"All of our results indicate that QseC regulates a variety of genes that affect pathogen motility, fitness, and invasive effectiveness," Brad says.
According to the researchers, once QseC recognizes the stress hormones, it initiates a cascade of genetic activations in which the bacteria colonizes the intestine and moves toxins into human cells, altering the makeup of the cells and robbing the body of nutrients.