QSGSQuick Summary Green Sheet (payments industry)
QSGSQuantitative Salivary Gland Scintigraphy
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[17,18] used the quartet structure generation set (QSGS) per the statistical principle to reconstruct the microstructure of the porous media based on the macroscopic statistical information and analyzed the porous media characteristics.
In order to make the models close to the real porous media and easy to converge in the finite element, the QSGS is improved, and the remaining steps are as follows:
As is shown in Figure 4, the real porous media models reconstructed by the improved QSGS method are also subject to the Weibull distribution.
The porosity range of the real porous media is 0.06 to 0.25, and 25 two-dimensional porous media were randomly generated by the improved QSGS in MATLAB.
In this paper, the QSGS is improved, and the connectivity of the reconstructed porous media models are analyzed.
(1) The QSGS is improved, and the porous media model is reconstructed by improved QSGS.