QSHQuality Starts Here (beef industry; Canada)
QSHQuality School Health (education program; Canada)
QSHQuasi-Shear Horizontal (polarization)
QSHHoming in on Station using D/F Equipment (radiotelegraphy)
QSHCity Code for the City of Seeheim, Germany
QSHQuadrant Slant-Hole (collimator)
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Under the innovative QSH buy scheme, tenants will pay rents which are affordable.
QSH > 0), low-flow discharge is the same as the measured discharge for that particular day.
The first 15 homes will be managed on behalf of QSH by KNH.
Steve Partridge, finance and investment director at QSH, said: "This innovative funding model will bring new sources of equity investment into the affordable housing sector at a time when the need has never been greater.
Paul White left, of Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, with (from left), Nicola Clayton, of QSH, Richard Conroy, of Conroy Homes and Linda Spencer, of KNH
The QSH project is a great example of how organisations from different sectors can work together to develop innovative solutions to local housing need.
We look forward to seeing the QSH scheme grow so that even more people like Charlotte and Alex can benefit.
KNH Chief Executive Simon Rogers, who leads the team which manages 23,500 homes on behalf of Kirklees Council, added: "The QSH scheme is a brilliant idea.