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QSKFull Break-In (radiotelegraphy)
QSKQuick Start Kit
QSKProceed with Transmission (Ham radio)
QSKQuadriphase Shift Keying
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Taking this simpler approach to meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards means that the QSK50 and other engines in the QSK Tier 4 Final range avoid the need for any additional on-engine systems, any extra cooling or turbocharging complexity.
The QSK high-horsepower engines with the new SCR clean exhaust system achieve very low emissions while retaining the exceptional power output and in-service dependability of the current QSK engines - proven in the highest load factor duty cycles.
For example, because the QSK95 will operate at 10% higher cylinder pressure than older QSK models, its design includes a new ductile iron block and an extended block skirt for higher structural strength and improved capability for multiple overhauls.
NYSE: CMI) announced today that the QSK high-horsepower engine range will move forward to meet EPA Tier 4 Final off-highway 2015 emissions with a combination of clean in-cylinder combustion and a new Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) clean exhaust system.
With those outputs and speeds, the C175 line joins a very small group of diesels--such as the MTU 4000 series and Cummins QSK line--at the top end of the high-speed engine world, in markets typically served by medium-speed engines.
Successor to the H285, the new 360 t machine is powered by a single Cummins QSK 60, 16 cylinder twin turbo-charged and after-cooled diesel engine de-rated to 1,400 kW running at 1,800 rpm.
Being a logical extension of our already highly reliable and durable QSK engine family, the new QSK78 will power the largest equipment being introduced in the mining industry with the cutting-edge technology our customers need to reach their business goals.
The high-end of the generator series, 110 to 2000 kW, features Cummins 6BT, 6CT, LTA, NT8, QSX, KTA, VTA, QST and QSK engines rated 170 to 2000 hp.
The ultimate goal is to develop natural-gas mining products, based on the Cummins QSK diesel-engine platform, that will meet future global low-emissions standards for mining, while retaining the performance of diesel engines.
This truck is offered with both Detroit Diesel Series 4000 and the Cummins QSK 60 engine at a rated brake horsepower of 2,014 kW at 1900 rpm.
Cummins introduced the Quantum QSK 19 and QST 30 engines in 1996, and late this year will begin limited release of the new Quantum QSK 45 and 60.
The QSK 78 is a 78 L (bore x stroke of 170 x 190 mm), 18-cylinder V-configuration engine rated 3500 hp at 1900 rpm, with 10,159 lb.