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QSMQueen's Service Medal (New Zealand)
QSMQuality System Manual
QSMQuantitative Software Management, Inc (McClean, VA)
QSMQuality Systems Management
QSMQuality Standard Mark (food)
QSMQuality Assurance and Safety of Medicines (WHO)
QSMQuality of Service Monitor
QSMQueued Serial Module
QSMQuarterly Sales Meeting
QSMQuad Surface Mount (elecronics)
QSMRepeat Last Telegram (radiotelegraphy)
QSMQueuing Simulation Model
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Previous resolution based research demonstrated the quality of images in MRI at the expense of signal to noise ratio, the acquisition time and partial volume effect but work on low resolution using QSM was not explored well12, 13.
EBLEX organised and ran cookery demonstrations at the event using our QSM beef and lamb for the visitors to try.
It was during this study, conducted by QSM Associates, that the two companies recognized the value that collaboration could bring to customers.
Butcher Brindon Addy said: "We've found the QSM Spring Specials POS kit very effective in our shop.
NGS is a small non-traditional college which offers Bachelor's Degree Completion Program, Master's and Doctoral degree programs with a focus on QSM.
With a gross weight of 48,000 pounds, the machine comes with a Cummins QSM 11 construction diesel engine delivering 350 hp.
A woman of great faith, she has been deeply involved in the Anglican Church, Arohata Prison, special education and was awarded the QSM in 1998.
In a separate incident, pirates took control of the Panama-flagged MV QSM Dubai, with a 24-member crew comprising Egyptian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Ghanaian nationals, EU NAVFOR said.
If this was granted, it was highly likely that the red meat Bpex and Eblex Quality Standard Marks would be replaced by either the tractor in its current form, or a variation incorporating some of the QSM elements, said AHDB.
It's all thanks to our friends at QSM Love Pork, who promote quality standard meat.
Included were three new engine products: the completely new KTA38GC gas engine for compressor applications, a QSM diesel certified for Zone 2 and a QSK60 diesel rated at 3000 hp for frac rig applications.
The QSM e-mail system records, monitors and deals with inquiries from customers, handling the initial stages of any problems.