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QSOCommunicate With
QSOQueensland Symphony Orchestra (Australia; est. 1947)
QSOQuasi-Stellar Object
QSOQuantic Soul Orchestra (band)
QSOCompanions of the Queen's Service Order (New Zealand)
QSOQuasi-Stationary Orbit
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Flavors of AGN Object Type Redshift (z) NGC 660 Seyfert 0.003 NGC 5548 Seyfert 0.016 1ES 2344+51.4 BLL 0.044 3C 66A BLL 0.444 UGC 1841 Seyfert 0.021 KUV 18217+6419 Quasar 0.297 PG 1718+481 Quasar 1.083 QSO 0957+561 Lensed quasar 1.41 QSO 2237+0305 Lensed quasar 1.695 J014709+463037 Lensed quasar 2.341 Object Distance Mag(v) Size (million l-y) NGC 660 43 11.2 8.3' x 3.2' NGC 5548 230 12.6 1.4' x 1.3' 1ES 2344+51.4 615 15.5 36" x 28" 3C 66A 4,800 15.2 -- UGC 1841 300 14.0 3.3' x 2.3' KUV 18217+6419 3,500 14.2 -- PG 1718+481 8,300 14.6 -- QSO 0957+561 9,300 16.9 -- QSO 2237+0305 10,000 16.8 39" x 22" J014709+463037 11,000 -- -- Object RA Dec.
In this case, a qso (1) on measurable space (X, F) is defined as follows:
The contacts for this study were through the respective management teams of the MSO and QSO following a review of the 2012 annual reports of the six orchestras affiliated with Symphony Services International (SSI) that reported on any performance review activity.
Here is why: QSO agreements were intended for use with organizations that "provide services to a program," including such things as accounting, information technology, billing, legal, medical, or other professional services.
On a few earlier occasions, the QSO had managed to perform compelling opera scores without scenery or costumes, but with the help of sonic blocking and ingenious lighting.
Two types of questionnaire were developed to assess the effects of the FH: The Questionnaire of Cultural Identities (QCI), and The Questionnaire of Students Opinions toward the Educational Game (QSO).
Through QSO, BLE has plans for a pilot plant at one barrel per day to be operational by 2009.
To my amazement, the ordnance QSO declared that the system was working 4.0.
Quasar QSO 0957 + 56 is detected as a double image because it appears to be split as it goes around another galaxy.
Looking at the quasar QSO H1821+643, the researchers detected four fingerprints that serve as evidence of relic gas clouds, they report in the May 1 ASTRO-PHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS.
Although QSO will not be able to rely heavily on the distribution power of its US software development partners, it hopes that it can present these new applications as a means to set itself apart from powerful ERP and financial application vendors that have a hold on the US market.
The Secretariat will be composed of staff from TESDA's Partnerships and Linkages Office (PLO), Qualifications Standards Office (QSO), National Institute for Technical Education and Skills Development (NITESD), Planning Office (PO) and Certification Office (CO).