QSOPQuarter Small Outline Package
QSOPQuad Small Outline Package
QSOPQuadripartite Standing Operating Procedures
QSOPQuarterly Standing Order Plan
QSOPQuality Standard Operating Procedure
QSOPQuarter Size Outline Package
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The ISL28470 is available immediately in a 28-Lead QSOP package and is priced at USD2.
For added board design flexibility, the F99x and F98x MCUs are available in standard 24-pin QFN and 24-pin QSOP packages as well as a new, space-saving 20-pin 3 mm x 3 mmQFN package option that's ideal for space-constrained applications.
Figure 3 shows the CAMD PACZIG1284 in a 28pin QSOP package.
Figure 3 shows a functional diagram of the HMC241QS16 switch and relative pinouts in the industry-standard QSOP 16-lead SMT package.
Optimised for easy handling the AS1115 comes in a QSOP 24-pin package.
Texas Instruments manufactures the SN74CBTT3253 device in the 16-pin QSOP, SOIC, TSSOP and TVSOP packages.
Body style options include narrow and wide SOIC, QSOP and 0.
The A3935 is supplied in either a 44- lead plastic PLCC with four copper batwing tabs for maximum heat dissipation or in a 36-lead QSOP package.
All three of these low cost ICs operate from a 3 V power supply and are provided in small QSOP plastic packages.
CPC5712U is available in a small QSOP 16-Lead package, in both sample and production quantities.
The IA3222 and IA3131 chipset is available 10-pin MSOP and 20-pin QSOP packages respectively.