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QSOSQualification and Selection of Open Source Software (evaluation method)
QSOSQueen Street Outreach Society (Ontario, Canada)
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(64) It is consistent with deficiency of type 2 QSOs (i.e., type-2 luminous AGNs) in the sample of the ALSS.
In fact, most of known distant QSOs at z > 5 were firstly found by wide area optical or near-infrared surveys, such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
I should have read that paper more carefully--it stated that the recessional velocities of these QSOs is so great that the objects' strongest emissions appear longward of 850 nm in the near infrared.
Hong-Yee Chiu, technically doesn't apply to 99 percent of the QSOs
My plan was to search for the closest to the farthest QSOs that I
Every quasar (or quasi-stellar object, QSO, if you want to be precise and include the more common, radio-quiet ones) is at least 100 times as bright as our Milky Way, with most of the radiation coming from a compact ("quasi-stellar") nucleus.
Last year we published a catalog of all QSOs with measured redshifts -- 7,315 of them -- complete to April 1993.
Because radio surveys have been made over the entire sky, the radio QSOs are found everywhere too.
Fiorucci, Ciprini, and Tosti (2004) [16] pointed out that the optical spectrum of QSOs (subclass of Active Galactic Nuclei) consisted of two components, the first one was variable ([[alpha].sub.v], with a flatter slope), which came from synchrotron emission, and the other part was stable ([[alpha].sub.s]), which might come from the thermal emission.
Unobscured QSOS within dusty starbursts and QSO sightlines with impact parameters below 100 kiloparsecs," appeared in the Astrophysical Journal.
Part 2 permits disclosure of SUD treatment information without consent to qualified service organizations (QSOs), provided that the Part 2 program and the QSO enter into a Qualified Service Organization Agreement (QSOA).
Interviews By Project: Los hilos de la vida QSOS, Quilt Alliance, www.allianceforamericanquilts.org.