QSPEQualifying Special Purpose Entity
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In other words, when loans held by QSPEs went bad, regulators, investors, and creditors of financial institutions that held QSPE-issued securities had little chance of finding out about it until it was too late.
Under Statement 140, a "sale" of mortgages to a QSPE occurs when the mortgages are put "beyond the reach of the transferor [i.e.
Remember that Qualifying Special-Purpose Entities (QSPEs) do not get consolidated by the transferor even if the so-called equity class is wholly-owned by the transferor.
Unlike its predecessor standard, (9) FAS 140 clearly states that the assets and liabilities of a Qualifying SPE (QSPE) do not need to be consolidated into the financial statements of the transferor.
Qatargas will back Qatar Society of Petroleum Engineers (QSPE), which supports the energy and petroleum industry by providing technical presentations, meetings and networking.
I think that if I had a time machine, I would have killed the QSPE [qualified special-purpose entity] earlier.
Specifically, this rule change calls for the elimination of the concept of a "qualified special purpose entity" (QSPE), which allowed banks to securitize commercial real estate loans and to keep these investments off their balance sheets.
In securitization accounting, there's been in place, as part of the rules, a device called a qualified special-purpose entity (QSPE).
This standard has been a sticking point for the GSEs as their accounting practices determined what transactions met requirements to be considered qualifying special-purpose entities (QSPE) allowing for special off-balance-sheet treatments.
* SFAS 140, which includes the qualifying special purpose entity (QSPE) to assist enterprises in achieving derecognition treatment in certain arrangements involving financial assets.