QSTAQoS-aware Station
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The QSTA's power comes from two turbofan engines that, unlike Concorde, don't feature afterburners that inject fuel directly into the engine to drastically ramp up thrust.
Buonanno adds that he's confident that existing engine concepts could easily be adapted for the QSTA.
HCCA TXOP is unique for each QSTA and it is based on the requirements of QSTA.
Simulations have shown that although internal collisions are reduced in EDCF, external collisions between different QSTAs with the same priorities are still high.
When the QAP receives a request from the QSTA, the message contains a traffic identifier (TID) to express the QoS service in the application flow.
The parameters for the simulated environment are: (1) the topology size is 2000mx2000m; (2) the bandwidth of IEEE 802.16d environment is 75Mbps; (3) the bandwidth of IEEE 802.11e environment is 54Mbps; and (4) there are 8 QSTA's with QoS services and the amounts of data for transmission are listed in Table 9.