QSUQueer Student Union
QSUQuestionnaire of Smoking Urges (addiction survey)
QSUQuality Systems Update
QSUQuinine Sulfate Unit
QSUQuality Support Unit (various universities)
QSUQueer and Straight in Unity (student group; Augsburg College; Minneapolis, MN)
QSURequest to Transmit (radiotelegraphy)
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The QSU included questions on socio-demographics (age [in years], and gender), sports factors, doping factors and questions on CS&TM.
The QSU consists of questions asking the participants about several socio-demographic factors such as sex, age, education level, marriage and family, experience in ballet, consumption of substances (cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs), and amenorrhea.
A avaliacao realizada com o QSU mostra que os pacientes se encontram bastante satisfeitos com os servicos recebidos, em especial com os servicos de enfermagem, sendo a "acessibilidade" o aspecto menos satisfatorio para os pacientes.
In March 1875 the first major attempt to organise rural workers occurred when the Queensland Shearers Union (QSU) was established in Toowoomba.
Aligning with Ricoh's dedicated environmental principles, the Aficio MP 5500/MP 6500/MP 7500 Series is ENERGY STAR qualified and incorporates superior energy and supply-saving features including Quick Start-up (QSU) technology, power-saving sleep modes, toner recycling, low noise levels and minimal ozone emissions.
qsU'([W.sub.2]) + q(1 - s)[theta]U'([W.sub.1]) = [pi][qsU'([W.sub.2]) + q(1 - s)U'([W.sub.1]) + (1 - q)U'([W.sub.0])].
One QSU (quinine sulfate unit) corresponds to the fluorescence of 0.01 mg quinine sulfate/L in a 0.1 mol/L [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]] solution.
When 1994 ends QSU estimates that more than 6000 US registrations will be recorded.
It also partnered with the Isabela State University (ISU) and the Quirino State University (QSU) to conduct a study on the Integrated Watershed Management of Addalam Basin and to establish a Biodiversity Reservation Area.
All of the variables were collected by a previously validated questionnaires: (i) Questionnaire of Substance Use (QSU) (Zenic et al., 2010), (ii) knowledge on doping (KD) (Fmjan Mandic et al., 2013; Sajber et al., 2013), (iii) knowledge on sport nutrition (KSN) (Kondric et al., 2013; Sekulic et al., 2014), and (iv) attitudes to performance-enhancing drugs (Performance Enhancement Attitude Scale-PEAS) (Morente-Sanchez et al., 2014; Petroczi et al., 2008)