QSWQualitative Social Work (Sage Publications)
QSWQuasi-Square Wave
QSWQuadrics Supercomputers World Ltd. (UK and Italy)
QSWQuantum Syncro Wagon (car)
QSWIntention to Transmit (radiotelegraphy)
QSWQualified Social Worker (UK)
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John Taylor, Linux product manager at QSW, believes this partnership makes possible a supercluster architecture combining Quadrics' hardware and software cluster environment with the best microprocessor performance in the Linux market.
By partnering with QSW, customers requiring tens or hundreds of gigaflops will obtain balanced supercomputing capabilities at unprecedented performance/price ratios.
QSW is the European leader in the field of supercomputing with special emphasis on scaleable high performance clustering technologies.
Our collaboration with Compaq and QSW allows us to bring a new standard of high performance, availability, and reliability," says Phil Weaver, president and COO, Platform.