QT1Quick T1 Estimate
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Also, the values of QT1 amplitude in mice inoculated with the parasite proved to be much higher than in healthy mice, however a statistical significance were reached by mice inoculated with p13, p14, p11, p16, p6 and CHHP.
The analysis using QT1 identifies the extent to which items contribute to each KEW.
In another tale, QT1 is a troublesome robot because he can think for himself.
Subsequent to the landmark QT1 Patient Identification Accuracy study, multiple Q-Probes studies looking at specific identification items, such as identification errors (QP051), specimen labeling errors (QP072), blood bank specimen labeling (QP074), and mislabeling rates of surgical specimens, blocks, and slides (QP094), were performed.
Audiologists used the QT1 Quick Tymp Tympanometer (American Electromedics Corp, Amherst, New Hampshire) to perform the immittance testing.