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The QTB PLUS system was also implemented in Riva's Bar and Rod Mill at Seville, Spain, in August 2009.
The hardness profile predicted from the QTB PLUS system is also plotted for comparison.
The measured values of YS and UTS are then compared with the QTB PLUS system predicted ones (Figure 6).
Figure 7 shows the sensitivity of quench parameters on final rebar temperature as predicted from QTB PLUS.
Apart from prediction and control of bars, Danieli QTB PLUS System is useful to produce desired mechanical properties as specified by the customer in the order.
Danieli QTB PLUS is developed based on this technology.
New technology to meet challenges of high quality rebars--Danieli QTB plus.
QTB Plus: better control for mechanical properties of quenched and tempered bars.
Most participants are really interested in cost savings, but many are also going green," said Kanisha Jones, a QTB specialist at Fringe Benefits Management Co.
It's only a matter of time before QTB programs catch on.
So whether you want to save money, go green or get away from the stop-and-go drive to and from work, a QTB program is worth considering for your employees.