QTHLocation (amateur radio)
QTHQuartz Tungsten Halogen (lighting)
QTHQuick Tech Hobby (radio control retailer)
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where [x.sup.(r).sub.p] is the pth media object in the set of rth media data, [y.sup.(r).sub.p] is the label of [x.sup.(r).sub.p], [w.sup.(r).sub.p,q] is the qth patch of the pth media object in the set of ith media type.
Studies evaluating the effects of curing lights on temperature increase in the pulp chamber during bracket (1, 2) and buccal tube bonding (9) showed that no light source except QTH with high-light intensity (HQTH) (1) exceeded the critical value of 5.5[degrees]C.
where [P.sub.main] is the power from the main grid; [P.sub.DG] is DG power; [P.sub.loss] is systematical losses; N are the number of operating state; Pr{*} represents the probability of an event; [V.sup.max.sub.i] and [V.sup.min.sub.i] are the ith nodal upper and lower of voltage; [S.sup.q.sub.ij] and [S.sup.max.sub.ij] are real line capacity at the qth state and permitted maximum line capacity; [N.sub.DG] and [N.sup.max.sub.DG] are the real number and the allowable ceiling of DG location; [[epsilon].sub.V] and [[epsilon].sub.S] are confidence level of bus voltage and line capacity; [P.sub.Li] and [P.sub.DGi] are base load and DG power at node i; and k% is the penetration rate of DG.
[c.sup.(22).sub.q.] are the qth row, and [c.sup.(22).sub..l] are the lth column of [C.sub.22] = [T.sup.*][C.sub.2]H.
where [[OMEGA].sub.q] is a set constituted by the indices in the qth interval.
Therefore, if [absolute value of arg (1 + [A.sup.q.sub.a])] < [[theta].sub.K] for all a, the qth training pattern is a fixed point.
The temperature field data at section K3 + 016 of QTH in August 2000 were used in this study as the initial ground temperatures of the model.
Essentially, QTH light sources have been used for the photopolymerization of dental resins, but their application is energetically inefficient, and their effective lifetime is limited by degradation [22].
Conventional rotor New rotor Shape Qth 10.5 cc/rev 10.5 cc/rev Size of outer rotor [empty set] 57X13.2 [empty set] 46.5X19 Diameter X Width Number 6 9 of teeth 1 0.66 Sliding friction Conventional New Palsation 1 0.6 ([??]40%) @.4000rpm Table 3.
Qinghai to Tibet highway (QTH) and railway (QTR) tracks are running parallel to each other with an in between distance of 0 to 2.5 km from Kunlunshankou to Wudaoliang sections which is about 107 km.
(12), [Pbest.sup.k.sub.pq] represents personal best qth component of pth individual, whereas [Gbest.sup.k.sub.q] represents qth component of the best individual of population up to iteration k.
The illuminating source was a deuterium lamp for wavelengths shorter than or equal to 319 nm and quartz-tungsten-halogen (QTH) incandescent lamp for longer wavelengths.