QTMQuick Time Movie
QTMQuantum Turing Machine
QTMQuantitative Methods
QTMQuartet Tree Method
QTMMagnetic Heading (radiotelegraphy)
QTMQuick Timing Model
QTMQuick to Market
QTMQ-T Measured (measured Q-T interval)
QTMQuoted Time and Means (information technology contracts)
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ACCURACY CHART SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MA9226 LOADED M1A Load Weight (grains) Velocity (fps) ES (fps) Winchester PDX1 120 3085 65 American Tactical FMJ 150 2789 68 Federal BT 150 2808 57 Hornady AMAX 155 2808 96 Hornady QTM 168 2596 37 Black Hills OTM 175 2639 39 Federal Gold Medal 175 2609 30 Load SD (fps) 100 yards (inches) Winchester PDX1 20 2.7 American Tactical FMJ 24 2.4 Federal BT 13 1.95 Hornady AMAX 33 1.7 Hornady QTM 15 1.2 Black Hills OTM 11 1.6 Federal Gold Medal 12 1.4 Groups are an average of four 5-shot groups fired from a rest at 100 yards.
Dutton (1999a, 1999b) developed a space-efficient, quadtree-like encoding scheme for positions on the globe called the quaternary triangular mesh (QTM) and used it for line filtering in map generalization.
The capture hardware was connected to Qualisys USB Analog Acquisition interface in order to synchronize kinetic and kinematic data with software Qualisys Track Manager (QTM; Qualisys AB, Gothenburg, Sweden).
PAY PDL Biopharma PDLI PMC-SIERRA PMCS Power Integrations POWI Pericom Semicondctr PSEM Quantum Corporation QTM Rackable Systems RACK Robert Half International, Inc.
First, the NSW Quality Teaching Model (QTM) (2003) introduced the importance of picture books by including Narrative as an element in Dimension 3, Significance.
QT intervals: QTmax (maximal QT interval duration in the 12 ECG leads), QTc (heart rate corrected QTmax), QTm (mean QT interval duration in all measurable leads), QTd (QT interval dispersion), QTII (QT interval duration in lead DII), QTIIc (heart rate corrected QTII), and T wave variables: T0e (maximal T wave duration), Tpe (maximal Tpeak-Tend interval) and Ta (maximal T wave amplitude) were manually measured in all ECG leads.
In reply to the Ozmen (2003), Karfakis (2004) addressed the issues raised by Ozmen and demonstrated that money can be treated as a long-run driving variable for nominal income in Greece and expressed that stationarity of the income velocity of money and validity of proportionality supported the QTM by using Greek data.
* Quick Turn Medical (QTM) Custom Implants/Instruments Delivered in 4 Weeks or Less
The Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) motion capture and analog data acquisition system (Qualisys, Gothenburg, Sweden) with 6 infra-red Qualisys motion capture cameras (Oqus 100) and two AMTI force plates (BP600900, AMTI Inc., Watertown, MA, USA) was used to collect the three-dimensional coordinates of reflective markers on the subjects at 180 frames/s and the ground reaction forces during each trial at 1800 samples/channels/s.