QTNQuantitative Trait Nucleotide
QTNQ Television Network (cable TV channel)
QTNQuality Teaching Network (Minnesota)
QTNQuality Techniques Newsletter (Software Research, Inc.)
QTNQueuing at Transmission Node
QTNTime and Place of Departure (radiotelegraphy)
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Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor and QTN PICU CLABSI collaborative faculty member.
March 7, 2006 QTN founder Frank Olsen is pushed out as CEO; Asian entrepreneur Lloyd Fan takes over,
The mood of the evening can be summed up by one moment: As Orozco stood on the karaoke stage to welcome the crowd, sprinkled with a few real-deal bikers looking rather perplexed by their surroundings, a member of the QTN group asked aloud, to much nervous laughter, "Do you cash unemployment checks?
QTN recently launched with Cox Communications Eureka/Arcata and Time Warner Cable of New York and New Jersey, which added nearly one million digital households to its distribution.
Even more significant, however, was the interest by European and Asian cable and satellite companies in carrying the entire QTN channel as part of their respective lineups, prompting a new round of talks now underway.
It's gratifying to see that RCN and other cable operators are recognizing the breadth of quality programming QTN has to offer, and we look forward to serving Chicago.
QTN is committed to celebrating and supporting these events, and Reichen's first show will address these issues as he unveils his own "coming out" as the newest face on QTN.
For Time Warner Cable customers in Rochester, QTN will be offered as an a la carte channel 454, available 24 hours per day, seven days per week with a complementary video on demand (VOD) option on channel 453 for all QTN subscribers.
QTN has announced that it will be syndicating its zany, original show "QueerEdge with Jack E.