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QTWQuick Time for Windows
QTWQuickTime for Windows (Microsoft)
QTWCondition of Survivors (radiotelegraphy)
QTWQuarter-Wave (Bragg reflection waveguide)
QTWQuad Tilt Wing (aviation)
QTWQuery Term Weight
QTWTaejon Airport (South Korea)
QTWQueensland Textbook Warehouse (Bracken Ridge, QLD, Australia)
QTWQuadriceps Twitch Force (muscle fatigue)
QTWQuantum Theory of War
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Partly quoted in ZZTJ (206.6542-43) and in Wei Sili's two official biographies, the whole of this memorial is preserved in QTW 236.3a9-4b.
Empress Wu's edict ordering this appointment is preserved in QTW 95.14a as "Shou Wei Sili Fengge shilang pingzhangshi zhi" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Guo Zhen's memorial is preserved in Tongdian (Beijing: Zhonghua, 1988) 24.673-74, QTW 205.17a8-b8, in which he describes the "collusion" between Wei Sili and the Zhang brothers in this way: "When the power of Zhang Yizhi and his brothers overwhelmed people both within and without the court, Wei Sili had them tied to himself as nephews to an uncle.
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The whole of the memorial is preserved in QTW 236.6b.