QTXQuick Time Extension
QTXStation Open for Specified Time Period (radiotelegraphy)
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In all analyses, a chromosome region was considered likely (P < 0.001) to contain a QTL when the LRS value calculated using Map Manager QTX was greater than the threshold value obtained using the permutation tests function.
The QTX series has leak testing, blocked bore sensing, top-load strength measurements, and check-weighing functions, all integrated on a single circuit card.
Seven SSR markers on LG N were used in marker regression analysis, interval mapping (IM), and composite interval mapping (CIM) with the Map Manager QTX program developed at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Chmielewicz and Manly, 2002).
User manual for Map Manager QTX. Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY.
Genetic linkages among microsatellite marker genotypes, Pibdom marker phenotypes, and disease resistance phenotypes or genotypes were determined using Map Manager QTX (Manly et al., 2001).
Linkage analysis between molecular markers and PPO activity was performed by Map Manager QTX (Manly and Olson, 1999; Manly, 2000).