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QUACKQuality Analysis Control Kit
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"I wish to hatch my own eggs; I will hatch them all by myself," quacked Jemima Puddle-duck.
She calculated his capacity as she would a jug's, and filled him up every day with quack cure-alls.
This foreign nobleman of yours is dying to try his quack remedies (mesmerism included) on my patient, and a nurse who is brought here by his wife may be a little too willing to help him.
There is a great quantity of eating and drinking, making love and jilting, laughing and the contrary, smoking, cheating, fighting, dancing and fiddling; there are bullies pushing about, bucks ogling the women, knaves picking pockets, policemen on the look-out, quacks (OTHER quacks, plague take them!) bawling in front of their booths, and yokels looking up at the tinselled dancers and poor old rouged tumblers, while the light-fingered folk are operating upon their pockets behind.
Finally his decision was pronounced: they were to go abroad, but to put no faith in foreign quacks, and to apply to him in any need.
The noise at night would have been annoying to me ordinarily, but I didn't mind it in the present circum- stances, because it kept me from hearing the quacks detaching legs and arms from the day's cripples.
MUZAFFARGARH -- The health authorities have failed to control quacks who are playing with the lives of the people in the district while prescribing herbal and allopathic medicines without any diploma or license.
According to official sources, the PHC teams conducted 2,878 raids in various areas of the two districts and sealed 819 quacks' clinics during the campaign.
According to media reports, the victim identified as Zeeshan, resident of Fareed town, Gujranwala was brought to a quack doctor due to temperature and doctor injected at his arm.
Punjab Healthcare Commission's Chief Operating Officer Dr Ajmal Khan told the chief justice that Liaqat, a resident of a village of Chichawatni, took his minor daughter Irum to a quack, Talib Foji, after her left arm was fractured.
'Dr Saleem has given two false affidavits during the police investigation in which he has protected the quack. Similarly, Dr Tasneem gave affidavit that she owned Boota Clinic that had been challaned in the past for being illegal,' says the letter.
Deputy District Health Officer Syed Ghumkhwar Hussain raided a quack's clinic in Jassoki village near Kunjah that had displayed a signboard of a beauty parlour at its entrance as well as a flex sign inside denoting a clinic and mentioning the name of a retired doctor, who was not present.