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QUADQuick and Dirty
QUADQuality Assurance Database (various organizations)
QUADQuality Unit Amplified Domestic
QUADQuick Uniform Attack on Drugs (law enforcement; Tampa, FL)
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Top tips to prevent quad bike theft : | Remove the ignition key from the bike when you're not on it; | Don't leave your quad in the open, keep it indoors; | Make sure the building you use is secure and consider installing a ground security device; | Keep vehicle keys in a locked area and out of plain sight from a door or window; | Park your quad next to a wall and behind a bigger piece of machinery - to make it more difficult to steal; | Consider fitting a tracker.
The construction of this quad bike circuit is intended to bolster other external efforts to curtail the negative phenomena resulting from negligence and wrong practices of quad biking, that put the lives of quad bikers as well as others at risk.
The Great 8 Endurance Festival is the biggest quad endurance race held in the UK and is contested by all the country's top youth and adult enduro riders.
While other factors may be important, I believe you primarily need to strengthen the quads and some of the recommended drills (skipping, bounding) have more to do with increased muscle resiliency than strength.
But there is very little to keep people riding quad bikes safe.
Quad Ventures Partners current portfolio also includes Chancery Student Management Solutions, Educational Standards and Certifications (Teach--scape), and KnowledgePlanet.
He emphasized the wide range of applications that enables wide adoption as well as the number of units in demand from end-users such as pharmaceutical companies, which use single quad LC/MS for numerous applications.
An eight-position, real-time-refresh-rate quad introduced at that time eliminated the jerky movement and worked well with virtually any camera whether it was line-locked (synchronized to keep the picture from rolling during switching) properly or not.