QUADASQuality Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies (radiology)
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Since the QUADAS quality scores for the palpation articles were uniformly high (mean=11.
Quality and reporting of diagnostic accuracy studies in TB, HIV and malaria: Evaluation using QUADAS and STARD standards.
Study Characteristics, QUADAS Score, and Results of Studies Source Population Tests Performed QUADAS Score Cahalin Patients with Pulmonary function 13 of (14) CHF; mean LVEF testing, 14 1996 of 20% [+ or -] symptom-limited 6% bicycle ergometry exercise testing with radionucle-otide angiography and cardiopulmonary response, 6MWT with cardiopulmonary response (repeated for 20 patients) by blinded physical therapists, cardiac catheterization Green Patients from 1st experiment: 11 of (17) cardiac SWT administered 14 2001 transplant unit twice with CHF (NYHA classes II-IV); LVEF of < 35%; mean age 56.
QUADAS 2 Methodological Quality Data for the Included Studies Risk of Bias Study Patient Index Test Reference Flow & Selection Standard Timing Laslett, 2006 (12) Y Y Y Y Manchikanti, 2000 (22) Y ?
High-quality meta-analyses generally require a systematic review of the literature and assessment of comparability (ie, external validity) as implemented by the QUADAS survey.
Additionally, the authors of QUADAS recognised that some items may need to be added or removed depending on the specific use of the tool (Whiting et al 2003).
Since then, the STARD (Standards of Reporting Diagnostic Accuracy) checklist, (6,7) QUADAS (Quality Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies) instrument, (8,9) and the QAREL (Quality Appraisal of Reliability Studies) (10) instrument have been introduced as evidence-based quality assessment tools to use in the systematic review of diagnostic accuracy studies.
Second, we questioned whether more recent studies, in the advent of quality assurance measures such as Standards for Reporting of Diagnostic Accuracy (STARD) and QUADAS, had more improved methods of reporting than older studies.
Charland) using the QUADAS (quality assessment of diagnostic accuracy studies) tool, a questionnaire that uses 14 criteria for evaluating the avoidance of different types of bias (29-31).
2 shows the evaluation of the methodological quality of the 52 studies included in this systematic review using questions 1-13 of the QUADAS tool (12).
We assessed the methodological quality of a11487 studies included in the 30 reviews with items from the QUADAS instrument (9) (Table 2).