QUADCONQuadruple Container
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Designed primarily for sea movement and to replace the very old MILVAN container, the quadcon can be packed with specific items, grouped together up to a 20-foot length, shipped to its destination, and then easily broken apart and transported by truck to the receiving unit.
At one point during the 101st deployment to Afghanistan, several Air Force refueling bases identified that they did not have the material handling equipment (MHE), such as the k-loaders, to handle the large quadcon trains.
Charleston Marine Containers is now building 27 Quadcon containers a day, said Moore.
Smaller containers, like QUADCONs, TRICONs, CDS, and ISUs, are designed to be moved by forklifts and other types of materials-handling equipment that are not capable of moving the heavy loads in 20- or 40-foot containers.
Sea movement may require storage such as "quadcons" or military-owned demountable containers (MILVANs) for the platoon because we cannot always pack the vehicles to full capacity.
Currently contracted to provide a full range of container types to TACOM, Quadcons and Small Field Refrigeration Systems to the USMC, Bicons, Flatracks, and 20' Full Side Openings to the USAF, and various Containerized Housing Projects.
Workers were assembling flat racks for the Marines and new Army Quadcons and Tricons.
Currently contracted to provide Quadcons (BPA with USMC), Small Field Refrigeration System (SFRS with USMC), Bicon Contract (BEAR with USAF), and a Containerized Housing Project (with the Army Corps of Engineers).
Currently contracted to provide Enhanced Container Delivery System (ECDS) air-droppable pallet, the Joint Modular Intermodal Platform (J-MIP), Quadcons, Tricons, Bicons, and 20r Dry Freight and Refrigerated Containers to the DOD.