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QUADSQuality in Alcohol and Drug Services
QUADSQualitative Archiving and Data Sharing (UK)
QUADSQuality Document System
QUADSQuality Application and Database Suite
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POLICE are asking farmers to keep a close eye on their quad bikes after a spate of thefts.
Pierce, a pupil at Holywell High School, has been racing quads since he was six years old.
While other factors may be important, I believe you primarily need to strengthen the quads and some of the recommended drills (skipping, bounding) have more to do with increased muscle resiliency than strength.
Safety equipment is not required by law either and police find themselves all but helpless to stop children speeding on quads on busy roads.
The real-life daughter of Catherine Hicks, who portrays mother Annie Camden, plays with the quads.
The primary distinction between a single triple and a triple quad LC/MS system is sensitivity.
After your glowing report, the controller pulls you aside and asks about these new eight-position quads that would have cost only $2,000 because they would have worked with the existing VCR and monitor.
Or catch him up at Chatsworth Park some weekend playing quad rugby, or on the slopes this winter, skiing.
Members of the church congregation have donated baby clothes, but Martin and Kimberly don't always dress the quads alike.
Alpine Meadows: 2,000 acres; 1 surface lift, 9 chair lifts, 2 express quads.
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