QUAKQueers United Against Kapitalism (Canada)
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Quak (1977) reported thermotherapy as an effective treatment at the temperature of 38+-2AdegC as capable to decrease virus concentration.
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LEADING RESULTS -- Men: 1 M Scott (R&Z) 30:42; 2 T Geremew (Elsw) 30:48; 3 C Smith (LeedsC) 30:55; 4 W Indelbu (Unnat) 31:11; 5 D Jenkin (DurC) 31:35; 6 K Calvert (Morp) 32:39; 7 T Charlton (TyneBr) 32:46; 8 M McLeod (Elsw) 32:49; 9 T Scott (V40, TyneBr) 32:51; 10 A Powell (Sund) 32:55; 11 J Clifford (V40, Evwood) 33:01; 12 S Rankin (Sund) 33:10; 13 B O'Grady (SundStr) 33:16; 14 T Learoyd (NewMsk) 33:19; 15 M Jones (M&C) 33:40; 16 D Inglis (Darl) 33:46; 17 M Joyeux (Quak) 33:47; 18 Buckley (Army) 33:48.
Spot deaths (Death at the accidental spot), deaths during transportation, attending private hospitals, discharged from PHC, treated by quak, neglected injuries and discharged on slip but couldn't interviewed (Missed patients) were not included in the study.
( With inputs from Man Sehgal in Chandiga Ma i i l l T Toda y y , , New De l lh i i , / T C h h u a rs• d d a ig y a , M rh a , y T h 14 u , r 2 s 0 d 1 a 5 y , May 14, 2015 NEWS FIRST IN Retd judge Swatanter Kumar first c for heading commission of inquiry controversial land deals of Cong re Kille quak 2.
College, doctors an operating th a tent and ru most critically British Red C Mark South, in said: "From ings, quak sec th British Red Cross worker Mark South, in Kathmandu, said: "From the readings, the original quake lasted 40 seconds.
Historical accounts include accounts of the invention of scripts (Anders Kaliff), as well as studies of particular writing systems: Mesopotamian cuneiform (Hans Nissen), Egyptian (Ahmen Mansour), Phoenician (Maha El-Khalil Chalabi), Mayan (Ramon Arzapalo), Old European / Danube (Harald Haarmann and Joan Marler), and runes (Arend Quak).
Phua KB Emmanuel SC Goh P Quak SH Lee BW Han HH et al.