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QUAKESQueensland University Advanced Centre for Earthquake Studies
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He said the quake also left 27 people injured and 20 villages damaged in a remote and little populated area of Sistan va Baluchestan province.
In magnitude terms, the upgrade placed the quake equal fourth on a U.
Altogether, quakes that struck the United States since 1900 would cost about $430 billion if they happened today.
One hundred years ago this month, for example, a major quake destroyed about 28,000 buildings and killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of people.
The quake was felt from Los Angeles in the south to Coos Bay, Oregon, in the north.
In this groundbreaking project, they hope to find out how and why quakes occur by directly monitoring them at the focus, or the point deep beneath Earth's surface where rocks first break apart.
While structures would be destroyed, residents should have time to escape even if the quake originated in Northern California or the Pacific Northwest, which would cause stronger tidal waves than quakes off the Southern California coast.
7 km per second (km/s), a rate typical of small quakes.
Scientists hope to have even more information available to them when future quakes hit in Parkfield.
Thursday's quakes brought the total number of quakes measuring lower 5 and above on the Izu islands since the series of quakes started in late June to 22, the agency added.
Beginning with a familiarization overview for all of Quakes common objects of weapons and enemies, each chapter provides a walk-through of the games thirty-two levels.
The two quakes approached the 100-kilometer-long island of Simeulue from different directions.