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QUANGOQuasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization
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There are 95 Scots quangos, running health care, enterprise, water, sport and the arts and culture.
But his quangos cost pounds 900 million, eating up most of his department's budget which is set to rise to pounds 1 billion by the turn of the century.
In the debate, Independent councillor Philip Evans, Conwy's Cabinet member for governance and regulation, asked: "Have Assembly Members asked how many quangos the Welsh Assembly has set up?
Research director Alison "Payne believes quangos lack "democratic accountability".
"We have already closed 106 bodies and merged 150 bodies into fewer than 70, but we are only halfway through the first phase of our programme." He added: "Once we have completed the planned closures and mergers, we will continue to review all remaining quangos to ensure that never again will we end up with so many of these vast bureaucratic and unaccountable bodies.
It emerged earlier this year that Cameron's plan to axe quangos would cost pounds 830million - double the amount first predicted.
A total of 192 quangos across the country are to be scrapped under the plans.
Many quangos grow to a bloated size and get forgetful about accountability and the need to deliver value for money for the taxpayer.
Then Education Minister Jack McConnell put in Executive personnel to bring control of the quango closer to Ministers.
From then on, the State Department and American and European QUANGOs helped the Serbs organize a campaign combining advanced Western strategies--tracking polls, snappy slogans--with the lessons of nonviolent resistance from countries like Czechoslovakia that had ousted totalitarian regimes.
What is a Quango? Although frequently used in this book, the word is not explained.
Debate about the role of quangos was quickened by the publication in 1994 of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Report, The Proper Conduct of Public Business, but despite the political capital made out of this report by the Opposition in the context of corruption in quangos, an analysis of the 23 'instances of failure' shows that the majority of cases, far from occurring in quangos, were found in 'old-style' government departments.(1) While few would argue that everything is perfect in the quango garden, it is important not to let the anti-quango political bandwaggon roll on uncritically.