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QUANTUMQuality Network Technology for User Oriented Multimedia
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Fiscaletti reviews some of the elements and results he finds most significant about the geometro-dynamic description of quantum processes that Bohm's quantum potential introduces.
The $10 million round of funding led by New Technology Ventures (NTV) will support the deployment of dark fiber quantum networks that will serve the Northeast Corridor from Washington D.C.
Yet only now, after decades of gradual progress, are researchers finally close to building quantum computers powerful enough to do things that conventional computers cannot.
"Satellite-based quantum key distribution can be linked to metropolitan quantum networks where fibers are sufficient and convenient to connect numerous users within a city over 100 km.
Chris Rigg, who heads Burnopfield-based Quantum, said the deal played into its strategy and would speed up its growth into international markets.
IBM unveils roadmap for commercial "IBM Q" quantum systems Releases API for developers to build interfaces between quantum computers and classical computers.
A trapped-ion quantum computer would consist of an array of X-junctions with quantum bits formed by individual ions that are trapped above the surface of the quantum chip (shown in grey).
WASHINGTON -- A quantum internet could one day allow ultrasecure communication worldwide--but first, scientists must learn to tame unruly quantum particles such as electrons and photons.
China recently launched the first-ever quantum communications satellite.
In a major breakthrough in quantum computing, scientists from Griffith University and the University of Queensland in Australia announced Monday that they had found a way to simplify a complicated logic operation by creating a quantum "Fredkin gate" for the first time ever.
[USPRwire, Wed Dec 30 2015] Market overview of the global quantum dots display market