QUARCQuarterdeck Anti-Virus Research Center
QUARCQuantum Ubiquitous Analog Recursive Cryptography (4th Dimension Technology keyless scrambmling methodology for absolute point to point security)
QUARCQueer and Allied Resource Center (Guilford College)
QUARCQuanser Real-Time Control (software)
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The QUARC, the global support center for Quarterdeck's ViruSweep anti-virus product line, is a state-of-the-art research and development lab dedicated to the detection, identification and removal of the thousands of known and unknown viruses that threaten the world's PCs via the Internet, LANs, floppy disks and e-mail attachments.
QUARC is committed to delivering data defense to consumers through rapid response to new viruses and user needs, and is dedicated to the development of more effective automated tools for virus collection, analysis, prevention, detection and removal.
As new viruses are identified, QUARC will post descriptions of each virus on its Web site, and distribute virus definition updates to current subscribers via Quarterdeck's online update technology, the Quarterdeck Web site and Quarterdeck's BBS.