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QUASIQuad und ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Services International GmbH & Co. (German: Quad and ATV Services International; Germany)
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Again, U.C.De and G.C.Ghosh defined generalized quasi Einstein manifold [12].
these components of the system (space, elements, relationships) may contain indeterminacy, may be partially (or totally) unknown (or vague, incomplete, contradictory), may only partially belong to the system; they are approximate, quasi.
Ordered intuitionistic Fuzzy smooth quasi uniform basically disconnected spaces
Neittaanmaki: Variational and Quasi Variational Inequalities in Mechanics, Springer, Dordrecht: Holland, 2007.
There is a duty imposed by the universal feelings of mankind to be discharged by some one towards the dead; a duty, and we may also say a right, to protect from violation; and a duty on the part of others to abstain from violation; it may therefore be considered as a sort of quasi property....
It is evident that, the concepts quasi sg-openness and sg-continuity coincide if the function is a bijection.
Arriving home from work, Quasi saw Esmerelda getting the wok out and said: "Great - Chinese food!" Esmerelda replied: "Nope - I'm just going to iron one of your shirts."
The Illinois Supreme Court in June upheld decisions of the Circuit Court of Cook County, finding that mortgage foreclosure actions are quasi in rem proceedings.
QUASI - AMERICAN GONG THEY'VE been going since 1993 but Sam Coomes and Sleater Kinney's Janet Weiss are still making fantastic music together.
Product usability testing can be conceptualized as quasi and natural experiments.
Yet the fascinatingly "quasi" nature of the project has perhaps more to do with the performative than with film per se.
Quasi trapping occurs when the energy of the neutron is shared between modes.