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QUATECommittee on Quality Assurance Training and Education (European Federation of Cytology Societies)
QUATEQuality Assurance, Training and Education in Cytopathology
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Overall, the characters of Potophila are consistent with a placement near or within Psychodini (in the sense of Quate (1959) and Duckhouse (1985)); and the shape of the genitalia and flagellomeres suggest it to be close to Threticus.
phoenimimos Quate & Alexander, 2000, por lo que en este trabajo se hace su registro por vez primera para Venezuela.
And also under the burning huge Kenyan skies, said Stephen Quate, there will always be a bit of dreaming of back home.
Calvin Quate of Stanford University, the genius behind acoustic and atomic force microscopy and the inspiration for a $100 million instrument industry, is our 30th Scientist of the Year.
Monklands youngsters Naomi Crawford, Brendan McAuley, Marcus Quate and Elle Wilson geared up for the vintage spectacular as they dropped into Summerlee in historic costumes to see a preview of some of the cars which will be on show.
"It is unacceptable for any person in hospital to receive inade- quate care," Barbara Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK, said.
Berwick MP Alan Beith said the figures were "seriously inade quate".
SOUTHLAND: J Wilson; M Harrison, B Milne, F Muliaina, W Lotawa; R Apanui, J Cowan; C Dermody (capt), J Rutledge, A Dempsey, H Macdonald, D Quate, H Tamariki, H T-Pole, P Miller.
"The concept of the acoustic microscope was developed by Calvin Quate at Stanford [CA] Univ.," says Rohm.