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QUBITQuantum Bit (quantum computing)
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The major hurdles include creating qubits of high quality and packaging them together in a scalable form so they can perform complex calculations in a controllable way limiting the errors that can result from heat and electromagnetic radiation.
Quantum computers would work on a similar principle, but qubits would be encoded in delicate properties such as an electron's spin.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A team of engineers built a quantum logic gate in silicon for the first time, making calculations between two qubits of information possible -- and thereby clearing the final hurdle to making silicon quantum computers a reality.
Specifically, one syndrome qubit revealed whether a bit-flip error occurred to either of the code qubits, while the other syndrome qubit revealed whether a phase-flip error occurred.
Anticipating the era of customer-centricity, Qubit constructed Visitor Cloud to allow companies complete access to its customer data -- at every level -- so the customer experience can be optimized at every brand touch point.
Quantum computing or quantum information is base on a similar approach but uses quantum bit or qubit for short.
And using these qubits, the quantum particles stay in the spooky state.
trouble with qubits is that when actively measured they lose the superposition
When a qubit is in this state, it can be thought of as existing in two universes: as a 0 in one universe and as a 1 in the other.
2,3] is made to act on each qubit of |a >, and it changes into entangled states.
a gate that performs a single qubit rotation by an irrational multiple of 2[pi] However, a direct, fault tolerant realization of such gate is not really possible, therefore they can't be easily used in noisy quantum environments.